Consulting Services
Wiring Installer $55.00 per hour
Wiring Technician $75.00 per hour
Technician $95.00 per hour
Second Level Technician $160.00 per hour
Third Level Technician $220.00 per hour
Fiber Technician $95.00 per hour
Mileage (<20 miles) Varies on Fuel Market Price
Travel Time (>20 & <60 miles) Rate per hour (1 way)

Cabling and Wiring
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Standard CAT-5e Drops $159.00
Plenum CAT-5e Drops $289.00
Int Multi-Mode Fiber (6 strand) call per ft
Ext Multi-Mode Fiber (6 strand) call per ft
Multi-Mode Fiber Termination $150.00 per fiber

Fiber Connectivity
1.5 Mbit to 100 Mbit Call - Rate Dependent on Location

Hosting and Co-Location
Basic Shared Hosting $29.99 / Month
Advanced Shared Hosting $39.99 / Month
Expert shared Hosting $49.99 / Month
2-U Co-Location W/ 512Kbps $125.00 / Month
1/4 Rack Call for pricing.
 1Mbph Extra Bandwidth (ea) $45.00 / Month
Off Site Backup Call for Pricing.
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